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Street view of Ukrainian cities on Google

A street view service of Ukrainian cities Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and Donetsk is now available on Google!

Tourists about Ukraine

One of our Canadian clients and a friend, after her three-week stay in Ukraine, wrote: “I have been to many countries; I liked visiting Spain, Turkey, Thailand, but after visiting Ukraine I was captivated with its beautiful rural landscapes and ancient religious churches, especially when it is relatively inexpensive in Ukraine”. 

Ukraine is becoming a more attractive place to visit due to it's “Soviet-style exotic”, Slavic history, and fantastic natural landscapes. The prices in Ukraine will pleasantly surprise every foreign visitor especially now, when hryvna has gone down, and dollar and euros have extremely increased.

Ukrainian cuisine offers a variety of recipes and dishes, and what is important, they are very inexpensive. A substantial dinner costs about 50 hrn ($7) in
Ukrainian self-service cafes.

Another specific Ukrainian feature that attracts visitors from abroad is its women. Hundreds of men from all over the world come to Ukraine hoping to meet Ukrainian beauties for future relationship and marriage. 

Ukraine is visited by 500,000 of foreigners annually, of whom 200,000 arrive as tourists. But according to prognosis, the number of travelers to the country will increase in 2009. First of all, because new inexpensive airline companies are starting to operate in Ukraine; then Euro-2012 will attract thousands of football fans from Europe.

Working with foreigners from America and Europe, we asked them about their impressions and observations of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Based on their responses, we made a list of strange things, delight and amazements from their words:
1.    Dozens stray dogs and homeless cats around in the big cities.
2.    Sitting near the metro stations, “babushkas” sell home planted fruits and vegetables.
3.    Two girls walking on the street and holding hands; this is considered absolutely normal in Ukraine
4.    Another surprising thing, that Ukrainians love eating fat, so called ”salo”. And what is more surprising that there are many women who like eating salo and at the same time they remain in a good shape.
5.    Ukrainian women are amazing in their femininity and very special, charming, byt mysterious logic
6.    Restrooms in the trains and public places
7.    Women’s underwear sold in the underground passages.
8.    Drinking alcohol walking on the streets and parks.
9.    Friendship and hospitality of Ukrainians
10.    Abundance of ukrainian dairy products: sour milk (kefir), fermented baked milk (ryazhenka), yogurts, cottage cheese (tvorog), sour creme,  etc.
11.    Expensive hotels without wireless internet, drier and service of bringing tea/coffee into the room.
12.     Coming into the home Ukrainians always take the shoes off, etc


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