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Street view of Ukrainian cities on Google

A street view service of Ukrainian cities Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and Donetsk is now available on Google!

Tours for Gourmands

If you are exploring national cuisines of the world, work in a restaurant business, dream about opening your own cafe, or just enjoy cooking and eating delicious foods, then taking a so-called "Gourmand Tour" about Ukraine is right for you! Being a bordering state between Europe and Asia, Ukraine provides place of living to dozens of nationalities, each having its unique culture, beliefs, traditions and, of course, cuisines. Through centuries, various areas of Ukraine have developed a peculiar co-existence of cultures, where one completes another, providing a special "cultural scent" to each city and area of the country.

Discover Ukraine can help you to survey the unique variety of multinational cuisines by suggesting you a tour about the main centers of national cultures. You can trace changes in eating habits of local population, depending on their national roots, traditions, beliefs, natural environment and lifestyles of local population in each area. Depending on your priorities to the areas/cities to visit, we can develop a great itinerary for your tour, and include visiting national cuisine restaurants, private people's homes, food producing factories, winery and brewery plants, and museums of national cuisines all over the country. You will trace the history of national cuisines of Ukrainians, Russians, Polish, Hutsuls, Carpathian peoples, Tatars, Karaims, Georgians, Caucasus nationalities, Turkish settlers, and other nations inhabiting Ukraine.

Your personalized "Gourmand" Tour

Discover Ukraine designs and develops tours to respond to individual needs of each particular person, or groups of tourists. Thus, depending on your initial ideas of areas to visit, places to see, people to meet and facilities to request, we will develop a preliminary trip itinerary of your tour. Then, our team workers will make adjustments according to your suggestions, and, after you confirm the final version of the itinerary, we'll start making arrangements for your tour.

Our Service Team worker will be working with you daily, to find the combination of services and costs that suits you best. We can provide you with who would become your assistant(s) and guide(s) for the whole time of the trip. Everything depends on your interests and needs. Be it an individual trip or a group tour adventure, we will adjust to your needs.

Depending on your request, your personally designed Gourmand Tour may include many activities-

  • visiting restaurants of national cuisines (traditional and modern);
  • tasting best Crimean wines at special wine-tasting restaurants and museums and attending excursions to winery-plants and breweries;
  • learning about health food recipes, traditions and habits of Slavic people from well-known professionals;
  • taking time to go to Ukrainian villages, where you can learn to cook national dishes from local population;
  • enjoy excursions to different parts of Ukraine.

One of the advantages of this tour is the unique combination of foods quality and costs in Ukrainian restaurants and cafes – you can’t find lower prices on food anywhere else in Europe. You can also enjoy eating really healthy foods - chemicals and pesticides are not used in in Ukrainian agricultural industry. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with natural quality of local foods, and the whole tour can be called a Health tour.

Please, contact us to discuss your trip ideas. We will make sure that your trip becomes an unforgettable adventure to the world of Slavic culture, traditions and history.

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