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Sorochintsy Fair 2009

The famous Sorochinsky Yarmarok 2009 (also called Sorochintsy Fair) will be held on August 19-23, in the same place as always - a village Velyky Soroshintsy, near Poltava. This year the program of festivities is going to be developed with a special care, as this summer Ukrainians and Russians are going to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nickolay Gogol, a famous 19-century writer, who created a wonderful description of Sorochintsy in one of his books. His book gave birth to a new attitude to the beautiful national tradition of summer time fairs, which are also associated with celebrating the harvest time and socializing, building connections with each other.

The tradition of arranging the fair on the huge meadow of the Sorochintsy villaage, right on the way between cities of Poltava and Mirgorod, takes its roots from the 19th century. In general, big annual summer trade fairs were very popular in Ukrainian and Russian culture since times immemorial. Starting from the 1840-ies, Ukraine has held up to 12,000 fairs, annually.

Many years ago, Sorochintsy Fair wasn’t distinctive among other fair events, which usually marked some significant religious or popular holidays. This fair wasn’t particularly big or small, it was just a traditional bazaar where local craftsmen and farmers sold their goods.

With time, probably due to the novel written by Nikolay Gogol, Sorochintsy fair started to obtain more popularity as a cultural event. It's convenient location right in the center of "pure" Ukrainian culture ( and Mirgorod areas), and the beautiful surrounding nature, as well as being on the crossroads of trade ways to Kiev, to Russia and to Crimea - all these factors made Sorochintsy Fair a recognized event for Ukrainians and Russians. Today, it has turned into one of the biggest ethnic-culture events in Ukraine. Gogol's novel “Sorochintsy Fair” is a well recognizable piece of reading among Ukrainians.

Nickolay Gogol's book realistically describes the character of Ukrainian nation, draws beautiful characters and pictures the life of Ukrainians in 19th century; their values, moral principles and the problems of Ukrainian peasants. Also, the genuine and purely Ukrainian humor reveals both, good and bad sides of the people's life. The novel still remains surprisingly modern, for it describes unique national features of Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian Fair continues every year with lots of costumed dancers, re-enactments of Gogol’s stories and Ukrainian folk singers. Gogol himself was baptized here in an 18th century Transfiguration Church which is still open for people there.

The literary Museum of Gogol is located in Sorochintsy, with the collection of Gogol’s private things which he used when traveling about Europe and to the Middle East. Gogol’s novel “Evenings in a Village Near Dikanka” provide a picturesque introduction to the superstitious culture of rural Ukraine, another his famous book “Dead Soul” describes how the capitalist’s  relationships were born in society. - article prepared by M. Pristinskaya.


If you are interested in visiting the event this year, do not hesitate to contact us and ask how to get there, and to request interpreter-guide from our team for your trip.



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