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Travel to Ukrainian Underground Caves
If you are someone who can’t be surprised by any sightseeing on the “ground” or in the sky, then probably you will enjoy speleological tourism that means researching the underground caves. In Ukraine most of them are located on the territory of Crimea and Podillya. The most of the Ukrainian caves are still hardly reachable and can be reached only by the professional speleologists. The temperature under the ground is stable (about -8-10C), so getting down one may at any season of the year.

Crystal Cave
Location: Kryvche village, Borschovsky district, Ternopil region.
It is one of the most famous caves in Ukraine. In the ancient time there was a bottom of Sarmat Sea on the place of Crystal Cave.  But it is became known since 1721.
Part of the cave is equipped and electrified for visits of tourist groups. The excursion route takes about 3 km. The Cave is 23km long.
Today the Crystal Cave is considered as nature reserve and saved protected by state law. 

Location: Bilche-Zolote village, Borschovsky district, Ternopil region
In one of the halls of Verteba cave was found an enigmatic masculine burial place with 25 skeletons. Also there were found scraps of “great fire” with instruments near by (axes made of flint, chisels, scrapers, knives) and also bones of deer, bears, and wild boars. General length of the cave is about 8 km. and its feature is a thick net of ways. Verteba cave has an interesting and original labyrinth called Stone Straw where a ceiling surface is covered with thick “tangle” of tubular calcite stalactites which look like stubble with length 10-12 cm. The first information about Verteba Cave was printed by German speleologists in 1822. On the basis of archaeological finds Borschiv regional museum was created. Excursion route takes 1,5-2 km

Location: Zalissya village, Chertkovsky district, Ternopil region
The Mlynky Cave is well-known for its crystal and laminated gypsum formations, stalactites, so-called “stone waves”, dozens of passages and halls. Unlike the Crystal Cave, that one  has been saved its primordial view. There are no electricity lighted halls or specially equipped routes for tourists. Special clothes and lanterns are given to visitors of the Cave. The excursion route takes about 5 km. The general length of the Cave is 25 km.

Mramornaya, Emine-Bair-Khosar
Location: Crimea, Lower Plateu of Chatyr-Dag Mountain, 15 km away from Zarechnoye village
Mramornaya (Marble) cave was discovered in 1897 and it is now one of the most visited caves in Europe. It is listed among the most beautiful Caves on the planet. The Cave is located on the height of 1 km above sea level. The excursion route takes more than 1,5 km. The Cave took its present shape sixty thousand years ago. The paleontological museum is located in Emine-Bair-Khosar. The speleologists found here the bones of bisons, horses, buffalos, and even mammoths.

Krasnaya, Kizil-Koba
Location: Crimea, 3,5 km away from Perevalnoye village
The Krasnaya (Red) Cave received its name from the color of its walls and arches.  This Cave is considered to be the biggest limestone Cave among the caves in the countries of FSU. There is only the part of 20 km length of Krasnaya Cave was discovered till nowadays.  It is known that there are 6 levels, which age is about 1,5-2,5 million years. Kizil-Koba Mountain is well known by its subterranean river, which is supplied by the hundreds of running lakes, a number of cascades and nine siphons. The length of excursion route is 500 m.  

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